technology overload

Recently on my facebook wall I posted the question: what is wrong with calling someone up and hearing their voice? Nowadays, with the advent of technology and the popularity of social networking sites such as fb, Myspace and Twitter, people are foregoing email, worse yet, spending countless hours taking quizzes, filling out inane surveys and generally avoiding true human contact. This is in addition to the time we spend on our phones or blackberries, surfing the mobile web, texting, or whatever else we do.

While this is not a new problem, or not even a problem to some, I do think that even though it is a nice option for me to sit at my local coffee place and take advantage of the free wi-fi and a cup of java, that it’s also sad that we no longer communicate as much. Some households have turned into the domestic equivalent of cyber cafes. While sometimes it was TV that brought us together afterwork during dinner, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t come home to find my sister on her laptop with her headphones on, or Nick on the computer in the back room typing away, oblivious to most. While the latter case is not a big surprise because he tends to be more self involved, this is a good illustration of how the internet has brought us closer to friends all over the world and even our own cities, but do we really need to know what everybody is doing with countless tweets and status updates? Does it really make a big difference in my life that you are currently having dinner with friends and looking forward to whatever it is you’re looking forward to? I do it myself, so I am not being hypocritical, I guess I am just examining this phenomenon and missing some personal interaction of the “meatspace” kind.

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