Midterms et al

I should have drifted off to bed by now, but I find that as I do on most nights the soothing hum of my laptop’s hard drive is the last thing I hear before drifting off into subconsciousness. Ever since the quarter started five weeks ago, life has been a dizzying whirl of activities and emotion. I can’t wait until my midterms are done later this week and for summer quarter when I can get off this crazy ride, although I confess I fear it a bit because I fear change.
Strangely, I never seem to write much on this blog about my journalistic activities, though they are always there like a reliable friend I can turn to, and also like an enemy with its deadlines looming ever large. An interesting situation presented itself while covering a protest in Rowland Heights on Saturday by residents upset over the proposed development of 775 low density apartments in their rural community.

A church member and resident asked if she could review my draft of my article prior to publication because she wanted to make sure her quotes against the elders who are selling the school property in the lot where the apartment complex is being proposed would not weaken a lawsuit they are preparing against the church leadership. I had to inform her that it is not standard practice for journalists to let people see their articles prior to publication and that the best I could do was to send her a copy of the article once it saw the light of day. It never seems to amaze me how little some people know about journalistic practices.

She then asked me if I could put in a line about where people could make donations to the organization fighting against the church leaders. Not likely.

On the same day I attended an IT competition which would form the basis for my third ever piece for the Post.

I have a Tuesday night class so I never get to go to Covina council meetings anymore but I have to confess I miss attending them because they were a regular beat of sorts. In a totally off topic, Kick Ass #6 came out this week, I must get to the comic book shop soon and get my hands on it ASAP. I miss reading comics 😦

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