Star Trek on the big screen

the cast of new star trek film

the cast of new star trek film

I remember how excited I got when I first heard the new Trek movie was going to be a prequel, then I was disappointed when the writer’s strike moved the release of the film from X-Mas to late Spring early summer. But now, the movie is finally out. My friend Adam said that there are nerds and there are geeks, it’s probably very geeky and unpopular to admit loving Star Trek, but I do, so I don’t care.
I literally jumped out of my seat at the theaters when I first saw the trailer for this film.

The Star Trek universe as created by Gene Roddenberry represents an ideal to so many people, the promise of great future for mankind, it celebrates humanity’s unrelenting spirit of exploration and has always taught us that persistence and hard work will always yield good results.

In short, there are many positive values represented by Starfleet’s officers and that is why I am so happy that this franchise has been rebooted and that the Enterprise is boldly going where no man has gone before right into the new century. As I left the newsroom at Cal Poly after getting this weekend’s photo assignment, promotional material for the film was strewn about all over the editorial copy desk, no doubt a result of the preview afforded to the newspaper staff for the latest edition, so I snagged a few bumper stickers and a mini poster to take home with me. I probably wont get a chance to see the film until tomorrow at the earliest, but I can’t wait.

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