hump day musings: the chess axiom

I had forgotten that there is a very important axiom by which I try to live life: chess pieces are better than people. This is because, unless you maneuver them to a square where they will be captured, or misuse them, your chess pieces will never let you down. Your queen will always fight for you. A knight always behaves like a knight, you can always expect it to go in the same direction and behave a certain way on the chess board. Not so for people, people will always without a doubt, end up ultimately disappointing you. This is because they are human, they can’t help it, they are genetically bred to make mistakes. It is in the inherent nature of the human being to act in an unpredictable fashion.A friend of mine once told me that as we get older, people move in and out of our lives. People we make connections with at work, school or wherever for short and extended periods of time will move in and out of our lives. So what is the point of trying to make a connection with someone when they can be suddenly uprooted? Oh yea thanks to social networking sites and email, our world is getting smaller and we can always keep in touch with people, but that isn’t the same as the day to day interaction with someone. I remember also a guy who made it his policy not to get involved emotionally. I suppose there are a lot of people who guard themselves that way. It is a sort of human castling maneuver to insolate themselves from harm. I remember sitting at a bar with this guy once and a girl I knew who was interested in him trying all kinds of things to get his attention. No matter how hard she tried, he would not give her the time of day. I thought it was fascinating to watch this interaction take place in front of my very eyes. Is it faulty memory, or do I really remember being at some park while this girl did everything short of somersaults to get this guy’s attention and he just sat there stoic, drinking his beer. Brilliant! I thought at the time. I guess my point is that people will ultimately always end up disappointing you and chess is my metaphor for guarding against this. Chess pieces are better than people in this regard, it may not work for you, you might have something else that you may substitute, but it sure has worked for me in the past

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