Bitten by the MMORPG bug again

August 25, 2009

gw013yea like I mentioned in my last post, I’m trying out some cool MMORPGs on my free time, of which there seems to be little these days. Since my friend let me try out his GW account and I promised another friend I would let her know how it is (because she’s a big Wow head) here’s what my experience has been thus far:
GW is a fun game, but it is not truly an MMORPG in the true sense of the word. For one thing, the sense of community that you feel while playing Wow and other MMORPGs is a bit eroded given the fact a lot of the quests are in areas on the field instanced for your specific party.

I have yet to try out a PvP character, so I can’t comment on that, but I have a level 7 warrior after a few days of playing, which should tell you it isn’t really difficult to level up in the game, the lvl cap in GW is 20, but there is a lot to do even after you recach lvl cap.

One thing that is cool is you can play this game alone because in the PvE mode you can add henchmen to your party which help you do quests. This comes in handy when your guild members are offline, or even when you need a little extra muscle in the form of NPCs. One big plus is that the camera controls for this game are a lot better than on other f2p MMORPGs, Runes of Magic comes to mind, maybe because it was the last one I tried out. Frankly, I got a little bored running through the world of GW but my friend tells me things get a bit more interesting when I get off “newbie” island. I also wish that there were more classes to choose from in GW other than human, but it’s cool to be able to choose a secondary profession for your character. Overall the GW plalying experience has been a good one, the price is right, but with DDO Unlimited dropping in September, it remains to see if GW can rival Turbine’s new expansion for Stormreach. I will probably review that one next.

If you would like to try out Guild Wars yourself here are a few links I found helpful:

The Guild at Blizzcon 2009

August 18, 2009

theguildSorry for the infrequent updates again my friends, for anyone still reading this blog, but summer school is finally over and I can update with a little more regularity, at least that is the plan. Since late 2007 I have been an on and off dabbler of MMORPGs and if you read this blog with any regularity you also know that I have sampled and written about many a game.

Today I focus on one of my favorite (if not my very favorite) web exclusive shows: The Guild. As a casual PC gamer whose favorite genre is of course the MMOs, The Guild is very accessible and funny, but even to a non-gamer, this show can also be a source of joy because it is so extremely well written and produced. It is about a group of gamers who meet online playing a Wow-like game (even though the show doesn’t name the game for obvious reasons) and one day decide to meet in real life. The show’s real beauty comes in both the interaction of the characters and on its witty dialogue which if you are a gamer, you probably will enjoy more than if you are not, but can still be funny to non-gamers. It stars Felicia Day. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans will recognize the actress as one of the potential slayers in the show’s final season and non-Buffy fans may also recognize her if they are casual web viewers from Joss Whedon’s online musical Dr. Horrible (co-starring Neil Patrick Harris) or from Whedon’s Dollhouse. Also, if you browse (if you have a twitter account, chances are Felicia was one of the celebrity twitters you could have chosen to follow.)

The entire cast of the Guild made appearances at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego and will also be making an appearance later this week at Blizz Con 2009 at the Anaheim Convention Center. I would love to score press passes for this, but those unavailable to attend can also order the event on pay per view. More details are available on blizzard’s website at

In other MMORPG news, is reporting that the new DDO Stormreach: Unlimited is set for release on Sept. 9. I found this very interesting, recently I have been sampling Guild Wars because my friend lets me play on a free account, but DDO was one of the first MMORPGs I played after Wow and I remember having fun during the trial period,even if I got tired of killing kobolds. It was a fun game and I am curious to see if Turbine can top its initial efforts with this new expansion. Will keep you all in the loop!

Buffy #27 vs. Twilight

August 7, 2009

buffy27_1Buffy #27 is a very Oz-centric issue. The Slayers’ retreat has necessitated Buffy and her cohorts hide out in Tibet where they catch up with a dear old friend. Financial constraints prevent me from getting both covers, so I usually choose one or the other and this month I picked up the cartoon cover by Georges Jeanty. At first I thought that was a bear attacking Oz, until I read the story within!
Where there’s Oz, there be werewolves of course. The reader gets to find out through a very serviceable script by Jane Espenson what Oz has been up to, and it’s quite a lot he has a better half and a baby!
More than anything this is a story about the mystical powers of Buddhists who helped Oz find the cure to “repress” the wolf within him. It’s funny to think of Oz as this Bill Bixbyesque character roaming through the world looking for a cure for the beast that rages within him. You can almost picture Mr. McGuee hot on his trail.
Yet, it’s not him but Twilight that’s on the trail of the Slayers and her pals and Joss has set him up as a formidable “big bad” for season 8. Slayers are magical, but they have to suppress their magiks or Twilight will have an easier time tracking them down. Twilight is seen this month more than in previous installments and it’s confirmed that he is someone who “knows” Buffy quite well through his dialogue. The mystery of who is behind Twilight’s mask is another subplot Joss has intertwined into this comic following the pattern he set up so well during 7 seasons of the Buffy program on TV.
Meanwhile, Oz and his group have been having problems of their own when one of their own takes on Veruca’s philosophy regarding the power of the wolf.
In between the action there is the familiar quiet character moments that made the show unique: Willow is happy for Oz, but she is jealous because she wants what he has, a family of her own. While cleaning his glasses, Giles offers his skepticism over the magic that is holding the werewolves at bay and within the confines of Twilight’s army, Amy and Warren bicker about their ineptitude. It’s the little things that summed up to something bigger than its parts on the old TV show and that tradition is a constant in the comic book series. A big showdown is coming between Buffy’s forces and Twilight’s army and big showdowns in the Buffyverse usually have dire consequences, the battle with the First cost Xander his eye and Anya and Spike’s lives. Nothing is ever easy and another status changing endgame is surely eminent.

No doubt rocks the house down

August 5, 2009

no_doubt1Sorry about the infrequent posts. Summer school has dominated most of my attention and time of late. Only one more week to go though!

Over the weekend I went to see the No Doubt concert at Verizon Ampatheater in Irvine formerly known as Irvine Meadows. It was completely surreal because even though I have been following their summer tour via you Tube, it still was something else to see them perform right in front of you. Two giant screens amplified the proceedings, but they really weren’t needed from center loge where we sat.

It was a hot but pleasant summer night and we could see the Orange County fair in the background with the big Ferris wheel all lit up in the night sky.

As for the band, incredible! They took the stage shortly after 9 pm (following good solid sets by openers The Sounds and Paramore) and rocked for nearly two hours.

My favorite parts were the opening rendition of Spiderwebs and after the encore, my friend was packing stuff up and I said, wait a minute, it’s not over. I knew that they had yet to play some of their biggest songs. The place went completely dark and was illuminated by the usual combination of lighters, cell phones, and digital cameras and of course, the familiar aroma of pot lingered in the air. Occasionally, you could see billows of smoke escaping upwards and different colored lights darted from the stage. Although I had sat previously in the sprawling lawn of Irvine on a few other occasions, I was determined to have seats this time around so I looked up at all the people up in the lawn and they looked like tiny specks of light.  I sang along and bounced around to almost every song and the place went crazy when Gwen got on the floor to do pushups (any No doubt fan knows what this signals) and she went into a blistering rendition of “Just A Girl.”

“Where are my Orange County girls at?” Gwen asked the crowd and seconds later the place rocked with a chorus of “I’m Just a Girl”

Paramore’s Haily Williams and the lead singer of the sounds along with members of the other bands were invited during a cover version of Adam and the Ant’s “Stand and Deliver” and they closed the concert with “Sunday Morning” which has become the traditional closer for ND.

I had the best time. Would go see them live again if I could.