No doubt rocks the house down

no_doubt1Sorry about the infrequent posts. Summer school has dominated most of my attention and time of late. Only one more week to go though!

Over the weekend I went to see the No Doubt concert at Verizon Ampatheater in Irvine formerly known as Irvine Meadows. It was completely surreal because even though I have been following their summer tour via you Tube, it still was something else to see them perform right in front of you. Two giant screens amplified the proceedings, but they really weren’t needed from center loge where we sat.

It was a hot but pleasant summer night and we could see the Orange County fair in the background with the big Ferris wheel all lit up in the night sky.

As for the band, incredible! They took the stage shortly after 9 pm (following good solid sets by openers The Sounds and Paramore) and rocked for nearly two hours.

My favorite parts were the opening rendition of Spiderwebs and after the encore, my friend was packing stuff up and I said, wait a minute, it’s not over. I knew that they had yet to play some of their biggest songs. The place went completely dark and was illuminated by the usual combination of lighters, cell phones, and digital cameras and of course, the familiar aroma of pot lingered in the air. Occasionally, you could see billows of smoke escaping upwards and different colored lights darted from the stage. Although I had sat previously in the sprawling lawn of Irvine on a few other occasions, I was determined to have seats this time around so I looked up at all the people up in the lawn and they looked like tiny specks of light.  I sang along and bounced around to almost every song and the place went crazy when Gwen got on the floor to do pushups (any No doubt fan knows what this signals) and she went into a blistering rendition of “Just A Girl.”

“Where are my Orange County girls at?” Gwen asked the crowd and seconds later the place rocked with a chorus of “I’m Just a Girl”

Paramore’s Haily Williams and the lead singer of the sounds along with members of the other bands were invited during a cover version of Adam and the Ant’s “Stand and Deliver” and they closed the concert with “Sunday Morning” which has become the traditional closer for ND.

I had the best time. Would go see them live again if I could.

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