The Guild at Blizzcon 2009

theguildSorry for the infrequent updates again my friends, for anyone still reading this blog, but summer school is finally over and I can update with a little more regularity, at least that is the plan. Since late 2007 I have been an on and off dabbler of MMORPGs and if you read this blog with any regularity you also know that I have sampled and written about many a game.

Today I focus on one of my favorite (if not my very favorite) web exclusive shows: The Guild. As a casual PC gamer whose favorite genre is of course the MMOs, The Guild is very accessible and funny, but even to a non-gamer, this show can also be a source of joy because it is so extremely well written and produced. It is about a group of gamers who meet online playing a Wow-like game (even though the show doesn’t name the game for obvious reasons) and one day decide to meet in real life. The show’s real beauty comes in both the interaction of the characters and on its witty dialogue which if you are a gamer, you probably will enjoy more than if you are not, but can still be funny to non-gamers. It stars Felicia Day. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans will recognize the actress as one of the potential slayers in the show’s final season and non-Buffy fans may also recognize her if they are casual web viewers from Joss Whedon’s online musical Dr. Horrible (co-starring Neil Patrick Harris) or from Whedon’s Dollhouse. Also, if you browse (if you have a twitter account, chances are Felicia was one of the celebrity twitters you could have chosen to follow.)

The entire cast of the Guild made appearances at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego and will also be making an appearance later this week at Blizz Con 2009 at the Anaheim Convention Center. I would love to score press passes for this, but those unavailable to attend can also order the event on pay per view. More details are available on blizzard’s website at

In other MMORPG news, is reporting that the new DDO Stormreach: Unlimited is set for release on Sept. 9. I found this very interesting, recently I have been sampling Guild Wars because my friend lets me play on a free account, but DDO was one of the first MMORPGs I played after Wow and I remember having fun during the trial period,even if I got tired of killing kobolds. It was a fun game and I am curious to see if Turbine can top its initial efforts with this new expansion. Will keep you all in the loop!

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