Quick Hit: Wednesday Comics

Wednesday_Comics_by_bigred5Leave it to DC Comics to come up with something more innovative and grandoise for their weekly comic series. I was late on picking up on this crazy new format and I am sure by now it has been written about ad naseum so I won’t rehash. My thoughts? It’s a bold move following the somewhat stagnant direction the weekly books took after Countdown. Countdown got a bit tedious, never achieving the success or excitement of 52, but I think Wednesday Comics as an homage to the old Sunday paper funnies where the modern comic book flourished in addition to its pulp influences is a great new direction to go in.
Or is it an old direction revisited? Whatever the case, you could probably be hard pressed to find a better way to invest $3 in the middle of your week. This week’s edition brings us a cool Deadman story by Bullock and Heuck, some killer Metal Men action by Didio Lopez and Nowlan and a fun look at Metamorpho by Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred, among other treats. The sheer number of industry heavyweights associated with this project is like a who’s who in the industry and only five issues in, Wednesday Comics looks and feels like a resounding success. Score another triumph for the house that Superman and Batman built.

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