Prep football report: week 8

October 29, 2007









For the second consecutive week I found myself at Covina’s district field on friday night, this time covering the game between the Covina Colts and Ganesha High.

Not that it was a close contest with the Colts winning 40-21. After the game, I decided to do something different and get a player’s perspective. I usually only have time and print space to get the head coach’s reaction, but I was getting bored of interviewing coaches so I decided to interview a Covina player instead. It was interesting because the whole time I was asking him questions his dad was by his side with his arms over his shoulder pads, obviously proud of his son’s accomplishments. You don’t see this a lot at the college games where the parents usually don’t come down to the field after a game and usually just talk to the players from the railings on the bleachers. Someone who looked a little to young to be the mother (so I assumed she was a relative or a friend) asked if she could get a copy. I told her, “Just look for the Tribune, it should be out tomorrow morning.” Maybe she thought I was from the yearbook staff or something, not realizing she could buy herself a copy in less than 8 hours. This week I have to go out to El Monte to cover a Mountain View game against South El Monte and I have to write an article for the Weekly so it should be another busy week.