Bitten by the MMORPG bug again

gw013yea like I mentioned in my last post, I’m trying out some cool MMORPGs on my free time, of which there seems to be little these days. Since my friend let me try out his GW account and I promised another friend I would let her know how it is (because she’s a big Wow head) here’s what my experience has been thus far:
GW is a fun game, but it is not truly an MMORPG in the true sense of the word. For one thing, the sense of community that you feel while playing Wow and other MMORPGs is a bit eroded given the fact a lot of the quests are in areas on the field instanced for your specific party.

I have yet to try out a PvP character, so I can’t comment on that, but I have a level 7 warrior after a few days of playing, which should tell you it isn’t really difficult to level up in the game, the lvl cap in GW is 20, but there is a lot to do even after you recach lvl cap.

One thing that is cool is you can play this game alone because in the PvE mode you can add henchmen to your party which help you do quests. This comes in handy when your guild members are offline, or even when you need a little extra muscle in the form of NPCs. One big plus is that the camera controls for this game are a lot better than on other f2p MMORPGs, Runes of Magic comes to mind, maybe because it was the last one I tried out. Frankly, I got a little bored running through the world of GW but my friend tells me things get a bit more interesting when I get off “newbie” island. I also wish that there were more classes to choose from in GW other than human, but it’s cool to be able to choose a secondary profession for your character. Overall the GW plalying experience has been a good one, the price is right, but with DDO Unlimited dropping in September, it remains to see if GW can rival Turbine’s new expansion for Stormreach. I will probably review that one next.

If you would like to try out Guild Wars yourself here are a few links I found helpful:

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